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How to maintain floor lamp

1. Strengthen the training of maintenance personnel

On the one hand, the city floor lamp is closely related to the people's life. Its operation directly affects the image of the party and the government. It is necessary to improve the awareness of the maintenance personnel on the floor lamp maintenance work and enhance their sense of responsibility through education. On the other hand, with the rapid development of urban floor lamp science and technology, and the extensive application of new technology, maintenance personnel need to constantly update the maintenance expertise to meet the work needs.

2. Accelerate the renewal of maintenance equipment

With the expansion of the city and the increase of the number of floor lamps and service areas, the workload of maintenance personnel is greatly increased. Without increasing the number of personnel, it is necessary to continuously improve and update maintenance equipment to improve work efficiency.

3. Implement the maintenance target responsibility system

On the basis of delimiting the floor lamp management area, the maintenance responsibility system shall be implemented at all levels, with fixed personnel, posts and responsibilities. Regular inspection and maintenance shall be carried out, and the responsibility of the person who has problems shall be found.

4. Strengthen law enforcement and investigation

On the one hand, we will speed up the formulation of regulatory documents on floor lamp management, so as to create conditions for management according to law; on the other hand, we will work with urban management departments to strengthen law enforcement on floor lamp, seriously investigate and punish acts that damage floor lamp facilities, and ensure the normal operation of floor lamp facilities.

How to maintain floor lamp

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