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What are the common styles of outdoor wall lamp?

Outdoor wall lamp is often installed on the outer wall of residential buildings. Its application not only plays the role of lighting, but also beautifies the appearance of buildings.

Wall lamp generally has the following advantages: novel and elegant planning, soft lamp crown, small size, convenient equipment and strong decoration. As for urban green lighting, creating high-quality civilized residential quarters and residential environment lighting, outdoor wall lamp is undoubtedly an indispensable aspiration lamp.

As a kind of lamps with strong decorative function. The installation of outdoor wall lamp can highlight the characteristics of the building and show the taste of the owner of the house, while the creative outdoor wall lamp can sometimes help the building play a "icing on the cake" decorative effect.

Different styles of buildings should be equipped with different styles of outdoor walls. So, what are the common styles of outdoor wall lamp?

1. European Classical Style

European classical style outdoor wall lamp is the most common style, but also the most popular style. The bracket material of European classical outdoor wall lamp is generally iron or copper, and the lamp shell is generally glass. Elegant and exquisite iron art with glass lampshade, installed on the exterior wall of the building, grand and dignified, showing the identity and temperament of the owner.

2. Chinese Classical Style

Chinese classical style outdoor wall lamp, as the name implies, combines elements of Chinese style. Generally, the lampshade is made of glass, acrylic and imitation marble, and the structural support is made of aluminum and other metal materials, but the shape is made into a Chinese style window pane shape or palace lamp shape. More charm, highlighting personality.

3. Modern and Simple Style

If the front two styles of outdoor wall lamp are more suitable to be installed on the external wall of personal residence, then the modern simple style of outdoor wall lamp is not taboo, but it is more harmonious with the modern high-rise buildings. The shape is simple. It integrates with the building in the daytime. At night, it embellishes the building and provides lighting.

What are the common styles of outdoor wall lamp

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