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Different Types of Outdoor Garden Lights to Make your Garden Fantastic

Aug. 14, 2021

Do you think the your garden at home is monotonous? Then maybe you need the outdoor lighting to create a safe and warm atmosphere in the small garden outside your home. Whether you need to brighten up your front door, a patio or shed light on lawn, there are different types of outdoor lights of different fixtures that will do just what you need. As an outdoor lighting exports supplier, I'd like to introduce them to you.    

clear frosted glass shades wall light outdoor viewing light outside light

Clear Frosted Glass Shades Wall Light Outdoor 

Outdoor Wall Lamp

Wall lamps are also called building installation lighting. They are installed on the walls of buildings and these lights can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting. This type of outdoor lighting is used to illuminate ground areas where vehicles are crowded or people pass by. It can usually be found in office buildings, government buildings, hospitals, university campuses, hotels, shops, and some residential environments. The indoor lighting downwards can create a warm atmosphere by highlighting the characteristics of the building or structure. Usually, these lamps are fixed on the wall at a certain interval to distribute the light evenly around the house. Since exterior wall lights cover a wider area than interior wall lights, they are larger. The lights installed in buildings also help create ambient light for pedestrians and improve safety by illuminating the potential dangers of passers-by. This external lighting is also for the safety of the homeowner.

COB Decoration Pillar Lamp

COB Decoration Pillar Lamp

Pillar Lamp

Independent pillar lamp can be installed in the area around the yard or even the terrace. Pillar lamp are the perfect choice for decorating your home at night. You can use it with matching fixtures to create a unique look.

E27 Decorative Outdoor Garden Lawn Lamp

E27 Decorative Outdoor Garden Lawn Lamp

Lawn Lamp

The design of the lawn lamp is mainly appearance and soft lighting to add safety and beauty to the urban green landscape, and generally has the characteristics of convenient installation and strong decoration. It can be used for decorative lighting of green belts in parks, garden villas, square greening, and other places.

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