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6 Decorative Inspirations About Outdoor Garden Lamp

Dec. 07, 2021

Outdoor Garden Lamp


Whether you have a large garden or balcony garden, here's some inspiration in the form of these trendy garden lighting ideas.


Keep Walkways Clean and Simple

Give your garden walkways a clean look by choosing paths lights that add potent illumination without cluttering the space. Round path lights will concentrate light downwards to brighten necessary areas while adding a subtle dramatic flair. If you’re unsure of a color scheme, you can never go wrong with versatile black path lights.


The Organic Look

The best path lights look like they belong in nature. Look for walkways or bollard lights that will blend in like natural elements, such as designs that are reminiscent of mushrooms or flowers. Woven shades are also a great option since they offer an organic look that will diffuse light into a soft, warm glow.


Minimalism on Display

The classic pillar lamp is one of the most versatile lighting fixtures to illuminate gardens and outdoor walkways. If you want to highlight the flowers, plants, or rocks in your garden, choose a bollard light with a minimalist style. A sleek, tasteful design won't distract from the natural features on display.

Pillar Lamp

Lining Up

If you want to create a boundary or solidify the sense of space in your outdoor garden or patio, you can use outdoor floor lamps. Position multiple floor lamps in a row to radiantly light up pathways, perimeters, or garden fences.


Go Linear

Don’t forget about the importance of wall lights to layer light throughout your modern outdoor space. Linear or rectangular wall lights positioned along a wall or boundary is an easy way to incorporate visual symmetry in your garden. Throw in a few candles if you want to create an intimate setting.


Find the Right Match

You want to make sure your garden lighting complements your landscaping. If your garden features stone walls or walkways, choose path or bollard lights that will blend in. Grey or neutral tones work best against stone features, while they also reflect well against green shrubbery and colorful flowers.


In conclusion

Lighting up the pathways in your garden is incredibly important. This is especially true if your garden has a pond or any other potentially hazardous locations for someone to walk into while it’s dark.

There are a number of useful outdoor lighting types when it comes to illuminating a path. Lampposts can be quite good, but we don’t recommend lighting up the entire path with them. Placing one at each corner is usually enough.

When it comes to lighting up the entire path, smaller lights such as LED or solar-powered lights can be best. These lights are usually quite short but are strong enough to light the width of a pathway. You can set them up with a space between a half or full meter, depending on the wattage of each light. Our tip is to test one out to see how far the light reaches before setting up the rest.

At the end of the day, any light that can efficiently light up the whole path and keep you from accidentally wandering off it is a good light to go with. Yejin offers Waterproof LED Outdoor garden lights wholesale, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in them.

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