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How to choose outdoor wall lamp

With the development of science and technology, the reform of lighting industry is also undergoing tremendous changes. For choosing outdoor wall lamp, there is also a deep knowledge. For example, use LED or energy-saving lamp. Do you want to control the light?

Home shopping must be complementary to the decoration style at home. What kind of wind is the main character, and what kind of wind is the best for this wall lamp. It's also one of the learning to do the same inside and outside.

Outdoor wall lamp should consider the external climate, such as wind, rain, sun, even hail and other factors. Therefore, choosing the wall lamp suitable for your home environment is the premise, so that you can use it safely.

In addition to considering the climate, it is also necessary to consider the materials of lamps. Some lamps and lanterns will do articles on materials and grades, and steal work from here to reduce costs. Naturally, there are restrictions on their service life. So the quality of materials is directly proportional to the price.

If your wall lamp is well considered, please pay attention to the shape, volume, size, too large, too small, sharp shape of the lower wall lamp is not a good thing, we must control these parameters and strive for full marks.

How to choose outdoor wall lamp

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