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What are the characteristics of floor lamp

Floor lamp can improve the safety of people's travel at night, increase the time of people's outdoor activities, and effectively protect the safety of life and property. It can also improve people's mood, optimize people's mood, and change people's concept, creating a bright and dark palette like night. It can be said that it greatly facilitates people's life, improves the quality of life, brightens and embellishes the living environment, and has many benefits.

Floor lamp generally has 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm and other different specifications, which can be customized according to the actual needs, any specification can be made. The main materials of floor lamp pole are equal diameter steel pipe, opposite diameter steel pipe, equal diameter aluminum pipe and cast aluminum floor lamp. According to the height and location, the thickness of the selected material is generally divided into: wall thickness 2.5, wall thickness 3.0, and wall thickness 3.5.

Floor lamps also have many features:

1. High brightness: now the new solar floor lamp can use LED light source, which is 50% brighter than the conventional solar LED floor lamp.

2. High quality and reliability.

3. Long life, high efficiency, energy saving, automatic control, high safety.

4. The lamp body is designed with high-strength structure, which is waterproof, wind resistant and high resistance to external forces. During the day, the floor lamp can decorate the city landscape. At night, the floor lamp can not only provide necessary lighting and life convenience, increase the residents' sense of security, but also highlight the city highlights and deduce the bright style.

What are the characteristics of floor lamp

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